Training Development and Delivery

You planned it all out, you worked hard, you thought of everything—except training. It comes out of nowhere, at the end of the project, with go-live day looming. You have no time to develop the training, no energy to deliver it, and even less enthusiasm for it. Bottom line–it’s a pain to train. 11 Compliance offers a variety of training solutions for any system or budget such as instructional design, train-the-trainer, custom facilitated training and/or eLearning.
From end users to administrators, our real-world experience allows us to build realistic simulations and examples, so we can train YOUR people on YOUR business processes. Don’t have documented processes? We can help develop those too. We offer custom-made materials, including end-user-conscious SOPs, work instructions, manuals, job aids, and other tools. On top of that, we ACTUALLY LIKE to do it!
Let us do the training